• Rugged Device Features

      In one of our recent blog posts, we gave you an introduction to rugged devices. Here are some rugged device features that you can find across a range of handsets and manufacturers. We’re going to go through a few of the options available to you, should you need something that offers more resistance and durability in your business.

      rugged device - nokia 800Nokia

      The Nokia 800 Tough has been built with practicality in mind. The battery will enable your phone to survive in stand by mode for over a month! Plus, with features like Google Assistant, a torch and a safety loop, this device really does have the things you need.

      The buttons on this device have been made larger so that it can be used more easily by those wearing gloves. This device also connects to the 4G network, and comes with pre-downloaded apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, so that you can stay connected.

      Samsung XCover 4SSamsung

      One of the more popular devices, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 4S is a stylish rugged handset that comes from a brand that many Android fans are very familiar with.

      The battery is 2800 mAh, so it’s enough to get you through the working day. Plus, it’s removable. This means that if you do need more power whilst out and about, you can simply switch out the battery.

      This device has been optimised for use outside, in varying weather conditions. The optimised screen allows for use in the rain, or even through gloves. Plus, aided with a 16 MP camera and 32GB of internal memory, you’ll be set to snap those photos while you’re out on site.

      The Samsung XCover Pro is also now available. It has many of the same features mentioned above, but promises much more. Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft means that the walkie-talkie capability available with Microsoft Teams can be utilised. Plus, this device comes with two hotkeys that you can programme to quickly get to whatever you need. With a large battery and tonnes of storage available (up to 512GB with an external memory card), this device gives teams everything they need to get through the day.

      rugged device - cat s61CAT Phones

      CAT offer a wide range of different devices. The industry you’re in will greatly affect which one you opt for. All of these devices are known for being dust and water proof. They are also better protected against drops. Here are just a few examples of what they have to offer.

      A phone such as the CAT S31 is ideal for those working outdoors. The screen has been optimised to be used in direct sunlight, or when wet. In addition to this, this device is completely waterproof up to 1.2 meters for 35 minutes.

      A device at a slightly higher end of the price range is the CAT S52. This handset is both tough and sleek, staying pocket friendly at just 9.69mm thin. It claims to be a smartphone with military grade toughness and a screen that uses Gorilla Glass for protection.

      At the higher end of the range, we have the CAT S61. It has a 16MP camera and is 4G enabled. With a battery capacity that matches some of the top end smartphone devices on the market, this phone can last over a month in standby. The CAT S61 brings a range of practical tools to the table too. For example, it has a thermal imaging camera, laser assisted distance measurement and an indoor air quality sensor.

      If any of these devices sound like they could help your workforce be more productive when they’re out in the field, along with simultaneously saving you some money, simply give us a call.

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