• Our 3 Favourite VoIP Features

      We talk about VoIP a lot, but some of you may wonder what’s so good about it. Here are our 3 favourite VoIP features that you can take advantage of with a package from Roda!

      1. Unique Voice Menus

      Many VoIP providers offer a tailored voice menu to customers, however many of them charge for this. At Roda, this is included in our support packages. You can design a system that works for you and direct calls to exactly where they need to be.

      This helps increase your business efficiency and also means that customers are able to reach who they need, without long wait times and transfers.

      If the idea of designing your own voice system is a little daunting, don’t worry. In a consultation, we can learn how your business works and what your customers expect. Then, we can help you create something simple and effective, that works for you.

      2. Integration with Mobiles

      mobile voip featuresA VoIP system is able to integrate with your mobile phones. It’s perfect for those of you who are on the move a lot. It’s also great for scenarios where staff are working from home. There are a few different ways VoIP can work with your mobile. Here are some examples of what you can do…

      With VoIP from Roda, you can essentially have your desk phone in your pocket while you’re out and about! We’re able to provide you with a setup that includes your mobile as an extension of your office VoIP system. If someone calls the office for you, your staff can transfer the call straight to your mobile. Plus, you can call people from the office number, using your personal device!

      You could also choose to integrate your device into the voice menu. This is a great option if you’re often out of the office but still need to take calls. Customers are able to easily dial your standard business number and reach you on your mobile.

      3. Tailored Systems

      Okay, we know this one’s a bit vague – but you really can do so much with VoIP to create something that is the perfect fit for your business.

      You may need a queuing system, for example. Instead of your customer waiting in a long and seemingly unending queue, they can be kept up to date while they’re waiting for someone to answer the phone. For instance, you could use a message like ‘You are third in the queue’.

      You may also choose to have some calls drop straight into a voicemail box. With our system, you can pick up voicemails using the phone, or your emails. This allows you to manage your system in a way that suits you.

      These types of solutions help to prevent missed calls. This in turn could prevent missed sales or support opportunities. Letting somebody know how long they’re waiting, or giving them an option to leave a message means that they can still enquire. The alternative of course is them hanging up and maybe not even calling you back. And nobody wants that.

      These are some of our favourite VoIP features – do you think any could be yours? A VoIP system is a great way for you to offer a personalised service to your customers, whilst creating something that is streamlined and efficient so that your business can run smoothly.

      Interested? Get in touch today.

      * If any of these features appeal to you, please let us know when you request a quote, so that we can take everything into account for you.

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