• From digital phone systems and business mobiles, to cloud and bespoke software solutions, as communication experts, we seek to provide solutions and solve problems either one at a time or holistically. We will consult, design and install a communications package that’s the perfect fit, as well as offering the reassurance of ongoing support and maintenance.

    • voip
    • Telecoms

      We have a wealth of experience in helping clients choose the right phone system, from VoIP to bespoke tariffs.
    • connectivity
    • Connectivity

      We provide a range of business level connectivity solutions to ensure your business is better connected and super-efficient.
    • chat-bubbles
    • Support

      We understand your business, identify potential problems and provide suitable solutions.
    • partners
    • Partners

      We offer professional and enterprise level solutions from the world’s top recognised networks and suppliers.
  • We’re connected

    As a trusted solutions expert, we’ve partnered with the very best service providers for business, ensuring that we only offer professional and enterprise level solutions from the world’s top recognised networks and suppliers.

  • Need a quick fix?

    No matter what your comms issue, get in touch for free impartial advice. We’ll take the time to understand what you need and present the possible options.

  • Whichever service you opt for from Roda, you’ll have the reassurance of the following key aspects:

  • Integration

    The best business systems are fully integrated to enable the exchange of information as seamlessly and consistently as possible between devices, users and sites on your business network. We will put together tailored solutions, whilst considering how and where things might integrate to improve your working processes and ensure efficiency.

  • Innovation

    We have taken the time to research and understand the best technical solutions for business, developing a strong network of service partners, who are able to offer cutting edge solutions. Whether you need the latest mobile handsets, or the quickest and most resilient data hosting, we’ve got it covered. All of our technologies are scalable, offering the scope for growth, and are designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Most importantly, security is put front and centre, giving you absolute confidence that you’ve made the right investment.

  • Management

    As an established business, we have implemented a number of processes to ensure effective management for both deployment of solutions and ongoing maintenance. Our project management is kept streamlined and hassle free and once we’ve provided the right solution, we will then implement it using a phased, clear-cut approach. A plethora of our own state of the art, back office systems also enables us to be responsive to ongoing maintenance requirements.

  • Reliability

    We understand that reliability is key in ensuring your business works as efficiently and optimally as possible. In fact, the only constraints often imposed on a business’s efficiency is due to its infrastructure and comms systems and processes. We aim to remedy this by understanding how your business works, carrying out initial analysis and then implementing systems best suited and optimised to your requirements. We can also offer SLAs for maintenance and support of your key systems to provide further reassurance of contingency when necessary.

  • Security

    Ensuring you have the right levels of security is key in maintaining a robust and resilient working environment, protecting your key assets and minimising risk. Security is therefore at the forefront of everything we do, so you have peace of mind that any solution or device you buy into has been offered by us with a best practice approach, and with risk management and compliance fully considered.