• What the ISDN Switch-Off Means for Your Business

      In our previous post, we gave you an overview of the ISDN switch-off. Anyone in the UK who uses a traditional telephone line currently, or has their broadband via the old copper lines, will be affected when this service is ceased in 2025.

      Although it sounds like it’s just another job to add to your ever-growing to-do list, this could be really beneficial for your business…


      The ISDN switch-off means that any broadband connection using the old copper network will be affected. This includes ADSL, FTTC and GFast. You can see the different types of broadband explained here.

      As you may already know, Openreach are working to provide the UK with full-fibre broadband. The goal by March 2021 is to provision 4 million premises with FTTP. This will give more businesses the opportunity to move onto the fibre network, with plenty of time to spare before 2025.

      Fibre provides a faster and more reliable connection than what can be achieved on the old copper network. The traditional method of connecting to the internet via the old network means that signal can be affected by distance. The further the data travels over copper lines, the more it can be subject to reliability issues. Copper lines can also suffer wear and tear which will further affect the stability of a connection. The fibre network doesn’t have these same issues; therefore, you can have a faster connection, provided over a more reliable line.

      A higher quality line also gives businesses the ability to support cloud and VoIP systems. This can make a whole host of tasks easier. For example, running a cloud system effectively can allow you to increase collaboration in your business.

      Installing a leased line is an alternative option. A leased line will provide you with a dedicated connection, directly to your building. As a result of this, you will see increased speeds and reliability, along with an uncontended connection.


      After the ISDN switch-off in 2025, you won’t be able to make calls using the old network. If you have any type of line that uses this technology, such as an ISDN or PSTN line, you will have to migrate to an IP system. IP simply means ‘Internet Protocol’. It is a method of transporting media digitally over IP networks.

      Voice over IP (VoIP) systems are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. VoIP is an easily scalable solution that offers your business flexibility. Working with a provider like Roda will allow you to create a solution that has been tailored to your business.

      From creating unique voice-menus, to setting up departments, to provisioning mobile workers, VoIP allows you to create a system that works for you. And with support from our dedicated team, you’re able to make changes as your circumstances alter.

      You can read more about the benefits of VoIP in one of our older posts.

      There is plenty of time until the ISDN switch-off will have an impact on anyone. However, understanding what changes you will need to consider can help you in the future. Crucially, the ISDN switch-off presents businesses with a chance to improve their technology and internal processes.

      Find out what connectivity options are available to you by getting in touch today.

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