• What’s New in iOS 14?

      iOS 14 reimagines your phone to make it easier to access the things you want. Plus, the fresh new look brings features that you didn’t know you needed. Here’s some of our favourites.

      Personalise the Home screen

      You can now have widgets on the home screen of your iPhone which show you more information from within apps. Choose from different sizes, and arrange them around your existing apps however you like.

      iPhone with iOS 14 and weather widget

      You can also use ‘stacks’, which hold multiple widgets in one, so you can swipe through and see information from a range of apps. These can be created using whichever apps you choose, or you can opt for the Smart Stack, which is curated using the apps you use most. The right widget will then automatically show up at the right time of day.

      App Library

      A further new feature can be found if you swipe to the right of your home screen. The App Library organises your apps and categorises them so that you can find what you need.


      In group iMessages, there are now some new features to make communicating easier. You can now reply directly to a message in the group. This can then be viewed as its own conversation, or within the original thread.

      You can also mention people in messages too. Your name is highlighted if you’re mentioned, and you can adjust the settings so that you are only notified when your name is mentioned, should you wish.


      iOS 14 allows FaceTime calls to take up a portion of your screen so that you can access other apps without coming away from the call. Simply head to your home screen while on FaceTime and the call window will shrink, remaining visible on your home screen. You can pinch to resize this, or move it completely off screen if you wish. Then, simply tap the call shortcut at the top left of the screen to return to your FaceTime properly.

      Compact Calls

      Your incoming call notifications have changed to a banner at the top of your screen. This means you’re no longer forced to stop what you’re doing because of a call taking up the entire screen. You can answer the call from the banner, or tap the notification to open up all of your options.

      Sleep Mode & Wind Down

      Sleep mode on your iPhone is designed to help you get a more restful night of sleep. It enables Do Not Disturb, dims the screen and shows what time your alarm is set for the next day.

      Wind Down helps you create an evening routine to get ready for bed; for example, you may choose to use your favourite meditation app. You can choose what time frame Wind Down uses, and should your plans change, simply snooze or dismiss it.

      Car Keys

      Some manufacturers allow you to use digital car keys. This means that you can use your iPhone instead of your physical car keys to start your car. The key will work for up to 5 hours, even if your phone dies. And the best part – you can share the key, and just as easily revoke access, with your contacts too. Perfect for letting your friends and family borrow the car.

      You can find the full list of iOS 14 features on Apple’s website.

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