• With the rise of home and remote working, many people have had to adapt their homes to the requirements of their jobs. One of the lesser known ways to take calls on the job is through dual sim or eSim.

    • At Roda, we want to ensure that our customers are able to get the most out of their devices. Some of you may have been using the banking features available on modern smartphones to pay for coffees on-the-go for a while. However, if you are new to this feature, this guide may help you get started.

      The ability to pay for transactions using your phone makes life much easier if you ever forget your wallet. You can pay in shops using your mobile device if you see the G Pay, Apple Pay or Contactless symbol. You can also often use these systems to more easily complete transactions online or within apps.

    • Android 11 was released towards the end of 2020. However, when life is busy, we can overlook the new features that are available to us. In this blog, we outline some of the nifty things that Android 11 can do…


      You can now manage all of your messages from different apps on your lock screen, with the option to prioritise people across multiple apps.