• 3 Benefits of Business Broadband

      Here, we discuss 3 benefits of business broadband that could be available to you… For example, you can opt for a more advanced firewall and you’ll also receive a better level of service.

      1. Service

      With business broadband, you can often expect to receive higher levels of service than you can with standard home packages. At Roda, this means that you have a dedicated support team on hand during our office hours, to assist you with any issues that you might have. For example, if you should experience any downtime, we will be able to work towards getting your broadband back up and running.

      The services provided to businesses are often a grade higher than home broadband packages in regards to the recovery time too. With a business broadband package, you can expect quicker resolutions of any downtime issues you may be having. This is due to SLAs (service level agreements) that often come as part of the package. Plus, you will have the option of advanced care packages. If your business is reliant on the internet, then a good broadband connection with a low recovery time is imperative.

      what you could do with business broadband - offering free wifi to customers securely2. Security

      Business broadband routers usually provide more options for increased security compared to home broadband routers. For example, the ability to implement a more sophisticated firewall means that you have more control over your network.

      You may also choose to implement managed WiFi. This would provide you with more flexibility when it comes to managing your internal network. You can choose to set up restrictions for devices, create passwords for guest WiFi, implement charges and more. You are able to create a professional image, as well as managing and securing your internal network.

      3. Connectivity

      Home broadband is generally suitable for a few devices that are running in the home. For a business, a larger area, with more devices, often needs to be covered. From staff computers, to servers and CCTV, it’s imperative that businesses have a broadband system in place that can support their network.

      With business broadband, you are also able to get one (or more) static IP addresses. Home broadband tends to only provide consumers with a dynamic IP address, which means you’d be unable to host a server, website or emails from there. A static IP address will allow your business to have more flexibility and control.

      The benefits of business specific broadband can greatly outweigh the slightly higher costs. With better service and SLAs, alongside increased security features, you can be sure that you’re providing your business with the most appropriate connectivity. Plus, with the rollout of fibre being well underway, your business may be sat on a potential fibre connection without even knowing it. Contact us today to upgrade your business.

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